Complex HVAC Application Solutions Made Simple

The Ascent team delivers a variety of custom HVAC application solutions, each with a unique set of requirements. Energy efficiency, footprint and/or weight limitations, delivery-by dates, integrated controls, and special acoustics are a few of the factors that can add to project complexity.

Our in-house Controls Experts, Engineers, and Professional Project Managers leverage their collective knowledge, combined experience, and industry relationships to make complex problems into simple solutions. See featured HVAC application solutions below:

Mission-Critical Solutions

Water Based Solution: Indirect air-side economizer with indirect evaporative cooling (IEC) provides energy-efficient data center heat rejection and low total cost of ownership. The IEC unitesuse Munters’ patented Evaporative Polymer Exchanger (EPX) which utilizes a unique polymer tube design that provides efficient heat rejection while operating dry or wet (IEC mode).

Dry Solution: Where access to a suitable water supply may be limited, expensive or unreliable, Thermosyphon technology rejects heat from the data center using a combination of gravity and a syphon effect without pumps and provides excellent economizing efficiency and effectiveness nominally of 70%, greatly exceeds that of competing refrigerant based economizer systems.

Pre-Packaged Chiller Plant

Ascent’s modular chiller plant (MCP) is a factory engineered and manufactured mechanical room utilized in conventional building cooling systems using chilled water as the cooling medium. The MCP includes all components required to integrate a stand-alone chiller plant, eliminating site coordination and negating start-up irregularities, and speeds up installation and start-up which provides significant savings to contractors, engineers, and facility owners. This is a lower cost alternative to site-built central plants while avoiding costly project delays.

Evaporative Cooled Chiller

Built-to-order packaged chiller that utilizes evaporative cooling technology. The Evaporative Cooled Chiller uses 30-40% less energy than air-cooled chillers and are easier to install and less costly than water-cooled central plants. Some of the factory-supported options include: Premium or custom acoustic packages, Integral hydronic packages, Waterside economizer systems, Non-chemical water treatment systems and controls, and Special coatings or treatments for any corrosive environment.

Free Cooling Chiller

Our chillers were created to serve year-round mission-critical cooling loads for data centers and process manufacturing. These chillers feature a proprietary coil design that functions as a condenser during summer months and a water side economizing coil during cooler seasonal weather. This unique feature sets these systems apart from others in the industry that aim to stack coils or bolt on separate coils resulting in lower efficiencies and aftermarket service challenges. Additional product highlights include variable speed drive condenser fans with heavy-duty fan blades and low noise packages that can greatly reduce operating noise.